Professional Enhancement Center


The Professional Enhancement Center is the focal point for basic enlisted career advice and all professional development. To provide support to all First Term Airmen, our FTA Center offers a seminar 2 times a month. All FTAs are required to attend one of these seminars within 30 days of arriving on station. We also guide Airmen, officers and civilians toward their professional development by offering professional development courses in leadership, communication, team building, professional writing, as well as speech/math CLEP-prep classes. Finally, we mentor individuals in their career paths to help them toward making informed career-based decisions.

Leadership Pathway Community of Practice

Sign up for Leadership Pathway courses. These courses are additional training classes offered to all ranks and civilians who may desire additional training in a variety of topics. They help cover the AF Comprehensive Airman Fitness pillars.

Take advantage of these courses here.

Career/Military Life Webinars

To better serve our customers and allow more direct communication between the members and AFPC, we have prepared several webinars on retirement issues that we will be broadcasting on a recurring basis the third Thursday of every month. If additional information is required, please contact us by email or DSN: 665-2508. We will have Subject Matter Experts available to answer your questions.