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The Joint Base Charleston Family Child Care Program offers parents a variety of options to include full-time, part-time, hourly, shift and TDY care for children two weeks through 12 years of age. FCC providers are trained to ensure they are familiar with and meet health and safety standards. As independent business owners, FCC providers have more flexibility than centers in the type of care they provide and the hours of operation. Providers offer diverse and rich experiences for children in their care and are monitored by FCC program staff to ensure they are offering the highest quality of care to children and their families.

How to Find Us

Phone Number: 843-963-2546

Address: 2373 White Circle, Bldg 2373
Joint Base Charleston, SC 29404

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 7a-4p


Providers participate in a comprehensive training program that serves as a foundation to promote the intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of children. Prior to assignment, all providers complete an initial training that focuses on core topics including but not limited to
-Fire, Safety and Health requirements
-Pediatric CPR and First Aid
-Age Appropriate Positive Guidance
-Accountability and Supervision
-Developmentally Appropriate Practice
-Admission and Release Procedures
-Nutrition and Meal Service
-Administration of Medication
-Safe Sleep Practices
-Inclusion of Child and Youth with Special Needs
-Customer Service and Family Relations

In addition, FCC providers are required to complete FCC Program Module Training to better equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop competencies within an assigned age group. These competency base training modules include topics on Health and Safety, Guiding Children’s Behavior, Developing an Enriching Environment, Physical and Cognitive Development, Building Children’s Self-Esteem, Working with Parent, and more. Ongoing requirements include 24 hours of annual training which supports a variety of child and youth development topics that capture the latest techniques and programming ideas. FCC homes receive an unannounced home visit monthly to inspect the home as well as to provide additional training for the provider. Financial assistance is available to assist with continuing education and job related training to include the Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) and National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) accreditation for providers desiring professional growth and career progression.

When selecting a FCC provider:
-Visit more than one provider.  Ask to see their home and don’t be afraid to ask questions about things that interest you.  Remember – not every home will be a good match for you, your child, or the provider.
-Consider visiting the home(s) during child care hours.  Are the children playing happily?  Are they clean:  Are the children doing activities that are posted on the activity plan?  Does your child seem comfortable in the setting?
-Read the parent agreement carefully.  If there is something in the agreement that you disagree with, discuss it at length with the provider.  Make sure all changes or agreements are in writing.  If compromise is not possible, decide whether you can live with the decision – if not, find another provider that best fits your family’s needs.
-Ask for references
-Ask about back-up care, fee policies, menus and activities
-Ask about the flexibility of the provider’s hours
-Clarify you expectations

MilitaryChildCare.com is a Department of Defense website for military families seeking child care. This single online gateway provides access to comprehensive information on military operated and military subsidized child care options worldwide. Please visit the site to request care in any of the Joint Base FCC homes.

The FCC Program offers a variety of unique programs beyond the traditional child care setting through the Expanded Child Care Program. These program provide families with the ability to tailor care offered to virtually fit every scheduled, deployment, or special need. Eligibility and the number of hours of free child care available to families varies by program. Contact the FCC Office for program specific information to include eligibility requirements and the number of hours of free child care offered by each program.

-Extended Duty Care: Designed to assist families when weekly parental workloads, due to extended duty hours, exceed the normal operating hours of the facility where they are already purchasing full-time care.
-Supplemental Child Care: Designed to assist families when their work schedules are outside the normal operating hours of the facility where they are already purchasing full-time care.
-Home Community Care: Designed to provide child care for those members of the Guard and Reserve during their primary UTA weekend.
-Deployment Child Care Support: Members deployed for a minimum of 30 calendar days or personnel who routinely deploy on a short-term basis (cumulative of 30 days in a 6 month period) may be eligible for Pre-deployment, Deployment, or Returning Home Care.
-Emergency Medical Care: Designed to assist families who are experiencing a medial situation with an immediate family member.
-Wounded Warrior Care: Designed to assist families when the Wounded Warrior has medical and/or military appointments.
-Child Care Support for Fallen Warriors: Designed to assist families with civilian and military appointments to deal with a fallen warrior.
-Child Care for Permanent Change of Station: Designed to help relieve some of the stress felt by families in the process of a PCS move.
-Child Care for Volunteers: Designed to recognize the importance of volunteers to the installation by assisting with child care expenses.

Are you interested in having your own business within the flexibility of your own home? Family Child Care is looking for individuals interested in caring for children. At minimal cost, you can operate your own affiliated quarters or home-based business, set your own hours and begin to care for children on an hourly, part day, full-day or extended basis. The Family Child Care program makes it easy for you to nurture and care for children in the friendly, warm environment of your own home with free training. This business would allow you to be with your own children, and help them and other children develop and learn, all with the comforts of home.

There is a continuous need for infant care. All start-up loan materials and training are provided by the Family Child Care Office. The program is also seeking individuals interested in caring for children 2 weeks through 12 years of age to include children with special needs; during typical work schedules, evenings, weekends, swing and midnight shifts, extended duty hours; and for the Expanded Child Care Program.

Individuals in family housing who provide consistent child care for other families' children totaling 10 hours or more a week must be licensed/affiliated to provide care in on-base quarters. Family Child Care staff offer regularly scheduled training classes to assist applicants in obtaining licenses. Call the Family Child Care office at (843) 963-2546 for more information and to sign up for the next class.