August 1, 2018 @ 12:00 am – August 31, 2018 @ 11:59 pm

Click Here so we can MAKE YOU SMILE!

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How to WIN!!!
  1. Show your SMILE in the right place at the right time! You could win a prize just for being a FSS customer! HOW?! Everyday in August, different FSS activities and services will host SMILE days. On SMILE days, customer counts will determine who will win CASH, FSS gift cards, goodie bags and much more!
  2. Show us that SMILE – when you find it! SMILES will be hidden in all of your favorite FSS services and activities! Find one, bring it to the customer service desk and you will win a prize! It’s just that EASY! You can find a smile in your lodging room, library book, club menus, etc. Keep your eyes peeled and get ready to SMILE!
  3. Look for our SMILE – our Prize Patrol can be anywhere! Our SMILE team will be searching at Joint Base Charleston events and programs for YOUR SMILE! If you’re spotted, you could win a FSS Gift Card valued up to $150! We could be anywhere, so make sure you’re always SMILING!
  4. Tell us how we can make you SMILE! Scan the QR code or CLICK HERE and complete the survey! Let us know what we’re doing or what we can do to make you SMILE! One lucky person will win $100 CASH every week in August just for completing our survey! *Respondents must provide their name and contact information to win. Five winners will receive $100 CASH. Winners will be contacted directly and announced on 628 FSS social media accounts and website weekly.*
  5. Show us your SMILE – online! Post pics of you, your family and friends having fun and SMILING in FSS activities and services, tag the JBCharlestonFSS Facebook or 628FSS Instagram or Twitter and use #FSSSmiles #ServicesSmiles. You could win a $25 FSS Gift Card! One winner is announced every Friday in August. Snap your selfies and show us your SMILE!
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