Air Base Fitness & Sports Center

The Charleston Fitness and Sports Center offers the latest in exercise equipment and programs. Catering to its customers, the center expands programming whenever possible. This complex boasts more than a quarter million customer visits annually.

We offer:
-More than 100 pieces of cardiovascular exercise equipment
Free weights and functional strength training areas
Group fitness classes and WellBeats (Fitness on Request)
Indoor cycling classes
Instruction including, strength conditions, free weight tune ups and safety tips
Intramural sports program
Daily lockers (bring your own locks)
Maps of base exercise trails
Outdoor softball, football, basketball and tennis facilities

*Customer after hour 24/7 access service is still available to DoD card holders.

How to Find Us

Phone Number: 963-3347

Address: 205 W Hill Blvd, Bldg 225
Joint Base Charleston, SC 29404

Hours of Operation:
Sunday: 8a-3p
Monday - Friday: 5a-10p
Saturday 9a-5p

Holidays/Family "Down Days" 8a-3p

Guest Policy

1.DoD customers must present their ID card upon entering the facility and are subject to random ID card checks while inside the complex.  Only individuals with a Department of Defense ID card are authorized to use this complex in accordance with AFI 34-101, Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Programs and Use Eligibility, 28 March 2013, Table A2.1 Unlimited Program Eligibility and Use Priority.

2.DoD customer 18 years old or older can sponsor one guest (18 yrs or older) with a valid driver's license or picture ID.  Sponsors must sign in guest at the courtesy counter before using the complex. Guests must stay with their sponsors at all times while in the facility.  Sponsors are responsible for their guests at all times while inside the facility.  Active Duty customers with out-of-town family members visiting are the only exception.

Complex Youth Age Authorization Policy (IAW AFI 34-266, Air Force Fitness and Sports Program, 8 Dec 2013)

Military family member's 16 years old or older are allowed to use the FSC without parents.

Military family youth 13-15 years of age can use cardiovascular, weight equipment, group exercise rooms, locker rooms, saunas, etc., only under qualified adult interactive supervision.  Interactive supervision requires qualified adult and youth to participate in/perform activity together at all times.  Permitted in basketball court and racquetball courts only when a qualified adult is present in the facility at all times.

Military family youth 6-12 years of age can use basketball court, racquetball courts, locker room, Parent/Child Playroom only under qualified adult interactive supervision.  Interactive supervision requires qualified adult and child to participate in/perform activity together at all times.  This age group is not permitted in cardiovascular, sauna, weight equipment rooms, or group exercise rooms during schedule adult exercise classes.

Military family youth 6 years or younger are authorized to use the "Parent/Child Playroom."  Children must stay in the playroom while adults only are using the cardiovascular equipment within view.  Adults must maintain direct eye contact with children at all times.  Children must be fully dressed to include shoes at all times.  Parents of unruly children will be asked to leave the facility immediately.  Children having visible signs of fever or contagious illness are prohibited use of the playroom.

Fitness Calendar

Class Descriptions

Body Sculpt: Join us as we focus on strength, power, and proper form for sculpting the body utilizing body weight, supplemental hand weights, and techniques designed to improve balance and control. A perfect complement to a cardiovascular workout to complete your fitness day

Cardio Mix/Step Aerobics: Each week is a mix of 2 or more of the following: step, kickboxing, sports drills, interval training, weights and ab workout. If you love to mix it up, this is the class for you

F.O.R (Fitness on Request): Members can access live aerobic classes directly from the F.O.R kiosk. Members can view instructors, rate their experience and track their workout history

Indoor Cycling/Spinning®: A good workout for all cyclists. Provides all terrain with high-moderate resistance levels. Heart rate zone: 75%-92%. This class will improve speed, tempo, coordination and encourages high aerobic output. Beginners, notify the instructor

Krav Maga: A martial art and self-defense system developed for the military in Israel that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from boxing, savate, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Judo, jiu-jitsu, wrestling and grappling, along with realistic fight training. Krav Maga is known for its focus on real-world situations with extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks

BodyFlow®: The Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength to leave you feeling centered and calm

Martial Arts: Isshin-Ryu (One Heart Way) Karate is a traditional Okinawan Martial Art derived from the traditional systems of Goju Ryu and Shorin Ryu by Master Tatsuo Shimabuku. This art stresses mobility/natural stances, low kicks, and an even mixture of hand and foot techniques

Yoga: Exercises for flexibility, strength, balance and coordination! Get into the groove with mat moves to strengthen and tone stomach to spine, improving your health, state of mind and physical appearance. Each class will have a blend of Yoga and Pilates poses, deep stretches, breathing techniques and relaxation to challenge body and mind

ZUMBA®: Bored with the same routine? Want to add some excitement to an otherwise ho-hum workout? Join us for a fun filled, high energy hour designed to add spark to your work out. This class features Latin inspired, easy to follow, calorie blasting, dance moves and techniques that allow you to party yourself into shape

Body Shred: A high intensity, endurance based 30-minute workout. Utilizing a 3-2-1 interval approach: 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, 1 minute of abs

Functional Fitness Class: A fitness class that focuses on performing functional movements and scalable for every level of athlete

Fitness Access

DoD Customers 18 years old or older are authorized to enroll in the after hours access program upon reading and signing the Statement of Understanding.  All individuals must read the SoU, sign, date, provide phone number and email address prior to registering at the Fitness Center.  Individuals that do not follow SoU guidance will lose privileges for 30 days for first infraction and 60 days or longer for second infraction.  The Fitness Center director/designee has the right to terminate my privileges at any time without notice.

Statement of Understanding

Special Events