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Here at Joint Base Charleston – Weapons Station Fitness & Sports, we care about your well-being. Sam’s Fitness Center offers up numerous ways to help to keep you on track in achieving your personal physical fitness goals.

From FREE personal training sessions with one of our certified personal trainers, to racquetball/Wallyball courts, to providing you with the latest and greatest in cardio equipment, selectorized weight machines, functional fitness equipment and free-weights, we’ve got you covered!. We also have a basketball/volleyball court that’s perfect for pickup games, group PT or just working on your jump shot.

If the weight room just isn’t your thing, jump right into one of our many heart pounding, fat blasting group exercise classes such as spin or HIIT. We offer many class options and times to best fit your needs. When you’re done, relax in the sauna prior to your shower.

A variety of sports and fitness equipment is also available at the front desk for checkout.

Sam’s Fitness Center is open 363 days a year (only closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day) & the Eastside Wellness Center has 24-hour access  to better serve you!

We also offer:
– Intramural sports
– CFL certification courses
– NOFFS certification courses
– Special Events: 5k runs, fitness challenges

How to Find Us

Phone Number: 843-794-4173

Address: 244 Jefferson Ave, Bldg 708
Goose Creek, SC 29445

Hours of Operation:
Sunday: 7:30a-10p
Monday - Friday: 5:30a-10p
Saturday: 7a-10p

Holidays: 9a-3p

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Class Descriptions

Spin: A good workout for all cyclists. Provides all terrain with high-moderate resistance levels. Heart rate zone: 75%-92%. This class will improve speed, tempo, coordination and encourages high aerobic output. Beginners, notify the instructor

High Intensity Interval Training: Cardio-strength training involving short, medium and long bouts of high intensity exercise followed by bouts of low intensity exercise to increase cardiovascular endurance and increase metabolism for fat burning

Lunch Rush Circuit Training: Spend your lunch break with us to get in a 30-min class that combines resistance training & cardio for a quick, midday total-body workout

Mommy & Me - Strength & Conditioning: Combines weight lifting and cardiovascular training to improve overall health and wellness, while in a child friendly environment

Judo/Jujitsu: Regular judo training improves an individual's aerobic capacity, speed, power, strength, agility and flexibility. Judo cultivates a sharp-reacting mind-body connection and uses every muscle of the body for an overall conditioner

Tai Chi: Improves strength, flexibility and fitness

Latin Dance Fitness: Let's celebrate our own individual style and expression through music. Every class is like a party. Get your groove on with numerous dance routines that promote good health and combine Latin and other dance styles with interval and resistance training for a full-body rhythmic workout

Dance Fitness: A choreographed dance fitness program that includes dance combinations and cardio moves to get you the most satisfaction possible from an intense workout. We choreograph a wide range of music genres for pop, rock, jazz, latin and hip hop all in one class. You can tone and shape, build your cardiovascular endurance and lose weight all while picking up dance moves

Yoga: Exercises for flexibility, strength, balance and coordination! Get into the groove with mat moves to strengthen and tone stomach to spine, improving your health, state of mind and physical appearance. Each class will have a blend of Yoga and Pilates poses, deep stretches, breathing techniques and relaxation to challenge body and mind

Fitness Enhancement Program: Command fitness leader & Navy operational fitness and fueling series trainer led exercise program designed to help improve health and increase physical readiness test scores

Intramural Sports

A wide variety of team sports comprise our intramural competition at Joint Base Charleston Weapons Station. Soccer and softball leagues are offered in early spring, with basketball leagues offered in fall/winter. Individual sports such as racquetball, tennis, disc golf, etc., are offered as intramural competition throughout the year. Sports like table tennis, darts and horseshoes are also offered.

POC for intramural sports:

Eastside Wellness Center

Eastside Wellness Center is a fully equipped satellite facility for active duty, Reservists, National Guard, retired military and their family members (16 years of age and older), DoD civilians and contractors. It is located next to officer housing off of Red Bank Rd., in front of the Redbank Plantation Golf Course.

The facility includes:
-Free weight equipment
-Selectorized equipment
-Cardio equipment
-Men's/Women's locker rooms

Free personal training is available with one of our certified trainers upon request and after filling out the required PARF-Q, available at the front desk.

DoD Customers 18 years old or older are authorized to enroll in the after hours access program upon reading and signing the Statement of Understanding.  All individuals must read the SoU, sign, date, provide phone number and email address prior to registering at the Fitness Center.  Individuals that do not follow SoU guidance will lose privileges for 30 days for first infraction and 60 days or longer for second infraction.  The Fitness Center director/designee has the right to terminate my privileges at any time without notice.

Facility Request Forms

This facility request form does NOT guarantee that the dates and times requested are reserved. You will receive a confirmation once dates and times have been reserved. Facility Request Forms should be submitted a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the event.  Standard requests usually take 2-3 business days to process.  Special requests may take 5+ business days to process.

This is a REQUEST form ONLY. If the facility is available WHEN and FOR the use requested, Sports and Fitness will return CONFIRMED RESERVATION AGREEMENT with Sports and Fitness Director Signature.

Facility Request Form
Statement of Understanding for Fitness Access


Special Events

New Wave Swimming Pool