FSS Morale Bucks

The program was designed to support morale efforts within units (group and squadron level) across Joint Base Charleston. The program provides funds based on unit manning and limited by the NIAD percentage of the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Fund.

The funds can be applied to unofficial unit events that are open to all members. FSS Morale Bucks can be used at the following locations:

-Air Base: Charleston Club, Wrenwoods Golf Course, Starlifter Lanes and Outdoor Recreation (to include the pool in season)
-Weapons Station: RedBank Club, RedBank Plantation Golf Course, Marrington Bowling Center, Short Stay, Outdoor Adventure (to include the pool in season)

Take advantage of this exciting program! To apply FSS Morale Bucks funding to your event, complete the 628 FSS Morale Bucks Electronic Form  and bring it to the FSS Resource Management office to be processed.


FSS Morale Bucks Usage

The following list provides you with examples of what FSS Morale Bucks have been used for in the past:
-Golf and bowling tournaments
-Catering for organizational parties
-Unit picnics (park ground rental; equipment rental; pavilion)
-Outdoor Recreation sponsored trips and equipment rental
-Pool party (seasonal)
-Unit breakfast or luncheons

FSS Morale Bucks are intended to be used at the specified locations to support morale across Joint Base Charleston. The following list outlines the limitations of usage for the funding.

FSS Morale Bucks cannot be used for:
-Purchase of alcohol
-Purchase of resale merchandise (shoes, clothing, etc.)
-Official functions (Change of Command, Commander’s Call, etc.) or individual recognition purposes
-Payment toward functions directly or indirectly in conjunction with any Booster Club/Private Organization fundraisers
-Deposit for a function being held in a future fiscal year

In addition, the function must be open to all members within the unit, and the function must be held during the same fiscal year in which the funding is authorized.

FSS Morale Bucks program guide


Q. In previous years, paper ‘bucks’ were submitted when settling the invoice for an event. Do I still have to submit paper ‘bucks’ under the revised program?

A. No. The program eliminated the use of paper ‘bucks’. Instead, you need to complete a fund request form and bring it to the 628 FSS Resource Management office to be processed. Then, you will receive a copy of the completed form to bring to the activity location for the event. This form must be submitted for processing at least one week prior to the event.

Q. How does my group or squadron apply for FSS Morale Bucks funding for an event?

A. Complete the program form and bring it to FSS Resource Management at least one week prior to the event to be processed. At that time, you will receive copies of the approved form; bring one copy of the approved form to the activity so that the funding can be applied to the event and the other copy is for your records. Keep in mind, you will still need to book all events and make any necessary arrangements directly through each activity.

Q. Where can I use FSS Morale Bucks?

A. FSS Morale Bucks are accepted at the following locations:

Air Base Locations  Weapons Station Locations 
Wrenwoods Golf
Starlifter Lanes
Outdoor Recreation*
RedBank Club
Redbank Plantation Golf Course
Marrington Bowling Center
Outdoor Adventure*
Short Stay

Q. Can the total authorized FSS Morale Bucks be applied to multiple events?

A. Yes. Multiple requests can be made not to exceed the authorized fund limit for the respective group or squadron.