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How to Find Us

Career Development:
Assignments: 843-963-8895
Promotions: 843-963-4467
Retirement: 843-963-8906
Separations: 843-963-8933
Reenlistment: 843-963-8926

Force Management:
Evaluations/Decorations: 843-963-4562
Duty Information: 843-963- 4497

Customer Support:
ID Cards: 843-963-4521
Passports: 843-963-4507

Personnel Systems Management:
BLSDM/PRDA/CMS: 843-963-4550/4508

Installation Personnel Readiness:

Deployments: 843-963-6454/6456/7307

MPF Flight Commander: 843-963-8675

MPF Superintendent: 843-963-4506

Hours of Operation:
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 7:30am-3:30pm
Tuesday & Friday: 9:00am-3:30pm
Closed ALL Federal Holidays & AMC Family Days


NEW!!!!! Online Check- In

We are  excited to announce that the MPF now has an Online Check-In option, CLICK HERE to check-in!

Once you check-in, you have 60 minutes to arrive here to the MPF office. When you arrive, check in via the Kiosk in Customer Support; the system will place you in the appropriate timeslot based on your check-in time.

If you do not show up within the 60 minutes, you will be placed at the bottom of the queue.

ID Card Renewal
Identification Requirements:

Proper identification is required for all transactions. To be issued any ID card, 2 forms of unexpired ID (No Badges) are required for adults, one of which must be a current government-issued photo ID.  For children under 18 years of age, no ID is required.

All documents must be Original/Certified. Photocopies are NOT acceptable

Renewal of ID/Common Access Cards (CAC):

Renewal of ID/CAC must be completed no earlier than 90 days prior to the expiration date. (Exception: Deploying Members with orders whose expiration date is within the dates of the deployment). CAC-holders must present 2 unexpired forms of ID (No Badges), one of which must be a state/government issued photo ID.

Military Retiree/Dependent ID Card Renewal/Replacement:


  • Step 1. Fill our the Application to Renew Form
  • Step 2. (Retirerees please skip to step 3) For Dependent ID Cards ONLY
    • Sponsor certifies the DD Form 1172-2 online:
      • Have the sponsor (CAC holder or Retirees can create a DS Log-on) access the DMDC Website to certify the DD Form 1172-2 for the dependent who is renewing his/her ID card via the following link: DMDC Website
      • Once logged into DMDC, click “Replace ID Card” under the appropriate Family Member. The system will notify you once the DD Form 1172-2 has been successfully submitted.
    • Step 3. Submit Pictures of Retiree or Dependent and 2 Supporting IDs via AMRDEC SAFE
      • Open AMRDEC SAFE and submit the following documents to
      • Two Supporting Identifications (2 forms of unexpired ID with the EXACT same name, front only)
      • Photo of Retiree or Dependent for the ID Card that has been taken within 7 days of submission ( shoulders up, white/off white background)
      • Completed “Application to Renew Form”
      • If ID card was lost or stolen, you must also upload a memorandum from Security Forces stating the lost/stolen ID card was reported.

The ID card will be ready for pick up within 5 calendar days. You must bring the original two supporting identications used to create the ID Card with you upon pick-up.

The sponsor is not required to be present for Dependent ID Card pick-up.  Please ensure that you provide correct information on the Application to Renew Form (Ex. DoD ID/SSN) for faster service.  Newly Widowed/DAV/Initial Enrollment/ID for age 21 does not fall under the ID card renewal process, member must visit the MPF for service.

Lost/Stolen CAC:

For lost/stolen CAC, you will need one of the following items in addition to 2 forms of unexpired identification, one of which must be a photo:

  • Police report
  • A statement or document as provided by the Service or agency (e.g., counseling document) or
  • Letter or memorandum from the activity’s security manager, the individual’s supervisor, or the First Sergeant
Make appointments online!

The RAPIDS appointment scheduler is the go-to internet site for all Charleston area CAC/ID/DEERS service including two sites on the Air Force Base, and three sites on the Weapons Station. The web site also contains directions if needed.

Customers are highly encouraged to take advantage of this web-based tool. Appointments take priority over walk-ins, meaning significantly less wait time!

Online appointment web site:

After scheduling your appointment, please ensure the following:

  • Bring all required documents.
  • Arrive early to allow time for checking in.
  • Don't be late or you will lose your appointment priority and have to reschedule or wait in line.
  • To cancel or reschedule visit:
Quick Links:

Application to Renew Form
Acceptable Photo Requirements
Suporting ID Regulations
DMDC Website


Both the sponsor and spouse must be present, except as exempted below.

Enrollment of New Spouse: When adding a spouse to DEERS, the sponsor must be present, or the new spouse must have a valid Power of Attorney. The following documents are also required:
2 unexpired forms of ID (No Badges), one of which must be a state/government issued photo ID, Original/Certified copy of marriage certificate that reflects the file number, Birth Certificate, and Social Security Card.

Dual Mil-to-Mil: If you are an Active Duty Member and have married another Active Duty member, provide the Original/Certified Marriage Certificate, Social Security Card, and a State/Government issued photo ID. Both military members must be present; visit the nearest DMDC location on the next duty day following your marriage.

Foreign National Spouse: If your spouse is a foreign national, provide the original Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Driver License, and Social Security Card (if applicable).

Name Change for Spouse: Spouse must provide at least one identity source document reflecting the name change. (sponsor does not need to be present)

Divorce: Please provide your Original State Filed Divorce Decree that reflects the State File number OR Certified State Filed Copy to update DEERS. (former spouse does not need to be present)

Add/Remove Dependents
Newborn/Children/Stepchild: Sponsor must present the following documents: Birth Certificate/Certificate of Live Birth authenticated by the attending physician & Social Security Card. If a stepchild is being added, the marriage certificate is also needed.

Children Born Out Of Wedlock Female Sponsors: Provide child’s Birth Certificate and. Social Security Card.

Male Sponsors: Child’s Official Birth Certificate and Social Security Card. If you are not on the birth certificate, present legal documents showing paternity was judicially determined.

Adoption of Children Pre-Adopted State: Sponsor will need a Placement Letter for Adoption from the court in process, Birth Certificate and Social Security Card.

Final Adoption: Court Order, Birth Certificate and Social Security Card.

Incapacitated Child: Initial ID cards must be completed in the Customer Support Office. For renewal of any sort, you must accomplish a DFAS re-determination and complete the DD Form 137-5 for submission to DFAS. Once approved, bring in the DFAS letter of approval, dependent military ID card, and a State/Government issued ID.

Dependent Ward: An initial Dependent Ward application must be accomplished. Complete the DD Form 137-7 and submit the completed form and all required documentation to DFAS. DFAS will mail a Letter of Approval to the sponsor.  Once received, bring the DFAS Letter of Approval, Court Document placing the child in member’s household, Birth Certificate, and Social Security Card. (Applications can be picked up from Customer Support).

Name Change for Children: Provide official original/certified legal documentation (Court Order, Birth Certificate or Social Security Card).

Full Time College Students: Students 21 years of age must bring a letter (on college letterhead) from the school registrar’s office stating full-time status and anticipated graduation date from an accredited college/university in pursuit of an Associate Degree or higher, or a printout from the National Student Clearing House containing the same information.

Parent/Parent In-law Enrollment: An initial Parent/Parent In-Law application will need to be completed and can be picked up from Customer Support. Completed application is then submitted to DFAS for final consideration. Once approved, DFAS will mail a Letter of Approval to the sponsor.  Once received, provide the DFAS Letter of Approval, Sponsor Birth Certificate, Parent Birth Certificate, Parent’s Photo ID, and Social Security Card to Customer Support for DEERS enrollment.  For renewal of any sort, you will need to re-accomplish the DFAS application process, obtain another Letter of Approval in order to be issued a new Dependent ID card.

Military Retirees
  • Initial Requirement: Retirement Orders
    • **Reserve/National Guard Retirees: Orders/Letter transferring to Retired List and authorizing retired pay
  • If Medicare eligible, the Medicare Card along with the two (unexpired) forms of ID.
  • Turning 65 - Tricare For Life.
    • If you are turning 65 years old and will be on TRICARE for Life, you must provide your Medicare card showing Part A along with TWO (unexpired) forms of ID.
Civilian Retirees
  • Civilians retiring must have SF Form 50 and have TWO (unexpired) forms of ID (No Badges)
  • One must be a state/government issued photo ID.
    • **Documents must be Original/Certified
    • **Photocopies are NOT acceptable.**
  • Civilian Employees Civilians must have TWO (unexpired) forms of ID (No Badges) to receive new ID card. One must be a state/government issued photo ID.
  • Civilian Employees (Overseas Position) Provide DD Form 2365, SF Form 50 annotating that person is assigned to an Overseas Emergency Essential Position, and two (unexpired) forms of ID (no badges). One must be a state/government issued photo ID