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Joint Base Charleston


April 9th and 10th

Gates open at 9am; in-bound traffic lanes close at 1:30pm.
The first aerial act begins at 12pm and the final act finishes at 4:30pm.

General Admission to Joint Base Charleston's Air Expo is free; however, a parking pass is REQUIRED to access the expo's on-base parking. Even persons with current base access must have a parking pass to park at the expo.

Pass requirement is per vehicle, not per attendee.

If you experience problems with the parking pass link below, please call (843) 628-3900.

Welcome to the Joint Base Charleston 2022 Air Expo! On the weekend of April 9th-10th, we are opening the gates and inviting everyone with a parking pass to enjoy a free, weekend-long event packed full of entertainment. Come out and see dynamic aerial displays, memorable planes, and the world-renowned Blue Angels!

Guest Information

What Should I Bring?

Small Items

Empty bottles to fill with water, snacks in non-glass containers, small purses, umbrellas (must be smaller than personal golf umbrella)

Larger Items

Collapsible Seating (folding/camp chairs - backpack type), blankets, wheelchairs and other medical devices,

For Viewing

Cameras, video recorders, binoculars, tripods (must be able to demonstrate all items are operable)

For Food/Vendor Purchases

Credit Cards / Mobile Payment / Cash (ATM's are available on site)

For Children

Strollers, wagons for toddlers, diaper bags, hearing protection

For Medical Needs

Portable coolers for medicines and medical equipment are allowed; all items are subject to screening.

Suggestions to Pack

Comfortable shoes, hearing protection, sunscreen, cameras, clear plastic water bottles, pen for autographs, hat with a visor, sunglasses, cash (ATMs on site), sufficient gas in your vehicle's tank to wait in congested traffic
Prohibited Items

Weapons of any kind

Including: pocket knives, pocket tools, scissors, box cutters, nunchucks, Billy clubs, large/heavy chain-linked jewelry or belts, mace/pepper spray, firearms

Alcohol, illegal drugs

Toys that resemble firearms

Marijuana/CBD oil

Posession and use of marijuana or CBD oil is illegal on all federal installations

Flammable Items/Fireworks

Large Portable Sun Protection

Tents, large umbrellas, canopies of any kind

Walking sticks

(not to include medical canes or walkers)

Spray paint/Silly string

Wheeled recreational devices

Golf carts, bicycles, skateboards, heelies, roller skates, rollerblades


Containers for water must be plastic and empty to get through checkpoints. There will be water stations available for attendees to refill water bottles

Cooking Equipment

Including grills


Large Bags

Rucksacks, backpacks, and large purses

Walkie-talkies, HAM radios, scanners


Drones or radio-controlled aircraft

Animals or Pets

(service animals permitted in accordance with ADA rules)


Please read carefully, as this is NEW to the Air Expo this year:

Free parking is available on base. To access on-base parking, you must reserve a parking pass in advance. Use our ticketing system to reserve your vehicle pass and receive up-to-date information about our event.

Anyone attending the air show, including those with current base access, must have a parking pass displayed in their vehicle in order to access on-base parking. A parking pass is required per vehicle, not per attendee.


To control the flow of traffic and ensure public safety for attendees who live on base, designated walking routes have been mapped from both the dorms and base housing. Click the icon below to access.

You don't want to miss this.

Performances, static displays, activities & concessions are the same each day.


Static Displays

The following statics will be on display, as well as the T-28, C-45, C-21, and Cessna-182.















Vans RV-7



Piper J-3 Cub

STEM student
27 exhibitors and over 50 displays

Visit Stem displays and activities showcased by organizations including 14AS, 628th CES, Aerial Port, AFTAC, Boeing, CCSD, Charleston Library, Charleston Radio Control Society, Civic Air Patrol SC Branch, Citadel Rocketry, Code Ninjas, College of Charleston Aerospace, Museum of Flight, NASA, National Museum of Mighty 8th AF, NIWC Atlantic, Nucor, Pers - Van's RV-7, SC Energy Office, SCDNR, South Carolina Stingrays, STARBASE Swamp Fox, Trident Tech, USC College of Medicine, USN Stewards of the Sea, and Water Mission.

Make sure to visit our STEM hangar!

Our STEM Hangar will be open during the duration of the Joint Base Charleston Air Expo. All attendees are encouraged to visit, no matter your age or interests. With 27 exhibitors and 50 displays, you won't want to miss out on this showcase.


Joint Base Charleston, 102 E Hill Blvd, SC, 29404

A parking pass is required for access to our Air Expo.


How much do tickets cost?

The Joint Base Charleston Air Expo is free to the public, however every vehicle will require a free base pass to park on the installation.

Does every person in my car need a base pass?

No, the base pass is only for the vehicle to park. So, a car with four people would only need one base pass.

Are tickets and parking passes free?

The show is completely free to the general public. Again, you do NOT need a paid ticket to attend the Joint Base Charleston Air Expo.

Will there be handicapped parking available?

Yes, there will be designated portions of the parking lots for properly-marked handicapped vehicles.

Is tailgating allowed?

No, parking lots are reserved for transiting to and from the show only.

Do I need a military ID?

No, this event is open to the public.

Will I be able to leave and return from the show?

Yes, however you will have to process through the security checkpoint again.

I have been coming to air shows at Charleston for __ years and have never had to bother with a base pass. Why has it changed??

Charleston’s population has grown to exceed the Air Base’s infrastructure capacity to meet the demand for a free air show. This passing system allows the base to control how many vehicles enter and exit the narrow gates and allows for a more enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Why am I required to print my base pass and display it on my dashboard? Doesn’t everyone have a mobile device nowadays?

Printed passes displayed in the dash allow for rapid checking at the gates. Alternate methods, such as displaying on a mobile device, would have detrimental effects on the traffic flow.

I don’t have a printer. What should I do?

Every branch of the Charleston County Public Library provides printers to the public for a nominal fee of 10 cents per page. If this cost is a barrier to entry, please contact our planning team at the links on this site and we will assist you.

Can I take a ride share to the event (Uber, Lyft, etc.)?

This is highly discouraged for a number of reasons. First, the driver will probably not have a base pass to either drop you off or pick you up. Second, there is no designated area for ride share drivers to pick up riders. Third, during ingress and egress of the base, the traffic lanes will be reversed making it nearly impossible for a driver to come and get you.


Will there be food and drinks available for purchase?

Yes, there will be food, drinks, alcoholic drinks (we I.D.), and souvenirs available throughout the show area.

Are alcoholic beverages allowed?

Alcoholic beverages may be purchased at the event, with proper I.D. You may NOT bring alcoholic beverages into the Air Expo.

What are your COVID guidelines?

Currently, there is no mask mandate, nor required proof of vaccination/negative test results.

This is an outdoor event and hangar doors will be open to increase ventilation for STEM display areas. There are a number of bathrooms and hand washing stations on-site for ease of use. Social distancing is encouraged.

Will there be restrooms and facilities at the show?

Yes, portable restrooms will be located throughout the event, including handicapped-accessible units. Handwashing and sanitization stations will also be available, as well as a nursing station. There will also be mobile water tanks available with potable water for public consumption.

What happens if it rains?

In the event of rain, some flying demonstrations may be delayed. Unless the weather poses a serious threat to the safety of our visitors and participants, the show will proceed as scheduled with some modifications. In the event of an Air Expo cancellation or delayed opening, announcements will be coordinated with local new agencies and disseminated via social media channels with information as it becomes available. It is impossible to reschedule the show for a different weekend in the event of a cancellation

When are the Blue Angels performing?

The Blue Angels will close both shows on Saturday and Sunday.

Will there be any shade?

The open flight line offers no shade, however there are areas such as the STEM hangar that will provide a break from the sun. There will be some large, static aircraft with wingspans that provide limited shade, as well.

Will there be any medical services provided?

First aid will be available to treat minor ailments such as dehydration, minor cuts, bruises, and applications of emergency medications (such as Epi-pens). On-site medical personnel will stabilize and coordinate transportation to higher level of care for all other injuries and illnesses.

Can I take pictures and videos, or livestream the event from my mobile device?

Absolutely! There are no restrictions on photography, however be aware that the show will feature copyrighted background music that JB Charleston has paid a license fee that will not cover personal videos.

Are there upgraded seating tickets?

No, all seats/spaces are general admission.

Do the food and souvenir vendors take cards?

Most of the vendors will accept major credit cards, but there will be ATMs on-site.

Are there only a limited number of base passes available?

Yes. The basic concept of the base pass program revolves around limiting the traffic entering and exiting the base. When the number of base passes has reached the air base’s capacity, a “sold out” notice will be posted on this site.

What happens when the passes sell out completely?

Remember, base passes only limit the number of vehicles parking on the base, not the number of people attending. It is still possible to carpool with someone who has a pass.

How can my business be involved with the Air Expo?

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact our Sponsorship Coordinator, [email protected]

If you are interested in being a specialty vendor (food/drink/merchandise) please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or inquire at the national concession website.

Will there be anything for young children to do there?

Absolutely! Not only is there a Kid’s Zone filled with fun activities, there will also be a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics Showcase packed with interactive booths and entertaining happenings.


Will there be a DoD Family Day this year?

Absolutely! All DoD ID card holders are strongly encouraged to attend the Family Day on 8 April. All performers (including the Blue Angels) will be practicing their maneuvers and the show times will be identical to Saturday and Sunday. There will also be select concessions available and there is no need to have a base pass.

I have base access with my DoD ID card. Why do I still need a base pass on Saturday and Sunday?

The base pass is a control mechanism for the number of vehicles entering and exiting the base. Even though you have base access, your vehicle still occupies space during ingress and egress.

I have to work my normal DoD job on the air base on Saturday and/or Sunday. Do I need a base pass?

No, because you are not parking on the flight line. You will be granted access to the base with your DoD ID card and permitted access to the blocked parking lots by one of our traffic attendants.

I have a marked parking spot over at building ___. I can just park there, walk to the show and not have to get a parking pass, right?

No, because all parking lots will be blocked. Foot traffic of any type crossing the roads during ingress and egress of the show causes major detriment to the overall operation. All Air Expo attendees shall park on the flight line for the best experience of all those in attendance.

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