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  • Before & After School

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    school-aged programming

Youth Programs - (5 - 18 Yrs)

The Joint Base Charleston School-Age Program (SAC) offers programs for children from the ages of 5 to 12. SAC's programming is available before and after school and all day during school holidays, teacher in-service days and during school vacations for elementary and middle school children. Transportation is offered to and from various schools in the North Charleston and Goose Creek area. The program is closed for all Federal Holidays.


We are starting 2023 with a new registration system that will allow our patrons to select and choose programming online!

In order for our team to add you to the system, families must register with the facility (Air Base or Weapons Station) where the specific programs are occurring. (At this time, if you are attending a program on both sides, you will need to register with each side separately.)  

Air Base

2451 N. O'Neal Ave. Bldg 1993

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Weapons Station

788 Chapel Dr. Bldg 788

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Programs & Classes

  • Torch Club
  • Keystone Club
  • Career Launch

  • Fine Arts

  • Computers

  • Power Hour
  • Karate

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Smart Girls
  • Passport 2 Manhood
  • Triple Play
  • Healthy Habits

Teen Programs

The Youth Center is ready to bring your teens a variety of social, recreational programming. Your teen will meet new friends and have the opportunity to explore different activities. Whether they are listening to music and enjoying food, playing video games, or heading out into the community for a field trip, our teen program will definitely hit different.

Pre-teen programming is for kids ages 9-12.

Teen programming is for teens 13-17.

Teens meet 1-5pm Monday - Friday. Yearly membership is $35. Flu shot is required.


School Age Program

Pre-Teen Programs

Joint Base Charleston School Age Programs offers age-appropriate activities through 4-H and Boys and Girls Clubs of America curricula. Activities include field trips, health/life skills, creative arts, character and leadership and high yield learning and activities. Eligibility is contingent on the status of the sponsor. Eligible patrons include active-duty military personnel, DOD civilian employees, Reserve Component military personnel on active duty or inactive duty training status, combat-related wounded warriors, surviving spouses of military members and DOD contractors.

President's Volunteer Service

Teen Programs

The Presidential Volunteer Service Award recognizes student/adult volunteers who have achieved the required number of hours of service over a 12-month time period. The awards are offered in multiple levels and are designed to recognize each milestone of your service achievement. Levels include bronze, silver and gold. Contact Youth Programs today to inquire about volunteer opportunities.

Youth of the Year

Scholarship Programs

Military Youth of the Year has been Boys & Girls Clubs of America's (BGCA) premier recognition program, celebrating the extraordinary achievements of club teens. Club members who earn the Military Youth of the Year title embodies the values of leadership service, academic excellence and healthy lifestyles. They exemplify the critical impact that BGCA has on the lives of young people. The Military Youth of the Year is for ages 14-18. Youth have an opportunity to participate in state, regional and national competitions. Military Youth of the Year could win up to $25,000 in scholarships.

Open Rec

Teen Programs

The Open Rec/Teen Program offers a variety of activities geared to pre-teens and teens. Activities include lock-ins, dances, field trips, health and fitness activities, college and career preparation, and leadership opportunities. Visit us on Facebook for the latest happenings.

Torch Club

Pre-Teen Programs

The Torch Club is for ages 10-13. The club is composed of officers who carry out the business of the club. The adult advisor provides the necessary support and guidance that the club requires. The Torch Club is a powerful vehicle for helping meet the needs of children by providing a sense of belonging, positive interaction with a small group of peers, guidance and support of a committed, caring adult, opportunities to make a difference in the world through helping others, a sense of pride, self-worth and accomplishment that flows from learning, and to make and take responsibility for decisions. The general purpose of the club is service to Club and community, education, health and fitness and social recreation. Activities include but not limited to; field trips, community service, tutoring, and fitness clinics. The Torch Club is currently seeking new members and meets weekly.

Keystone Club

Teen Programs

The Keystone Club is for ages 14-18. The club is composed of officers who carry out the business of the club. The adult advisor provides the necessary support and guidance that the club requires. The general purpose of the club is to create and maintain high standards of health, education, character and citizenship. Activities include but not limited to; leadership and citizenship training, service to the Club and community, good will and understanding between groups and individuals, cooperation with local and national Boys and Girls Club of America programs and fellowship through a diversified program in which every member has a voice. The Keystone Club is currently seeking new members and meets weekly.

Parent Advisory Board

  • Parents are always welcome to visit and assist with their child's care to the extent that their duty permits.

  • The parent Advisory Board/involvement is a committee of all the CDC programs in conjunction with other CYP’s. The DAB acts only in an advisory capacity, providing recommendations for improving services. The Chairperson of the DAB is a parent.

  • The Parent Advisory Committee selects a chairperson. Each chairperson attends the Program Parent Advisory Board meeting. The Parent Advisory Board meets with the Airman and Family Readiness Center Flight Chief and Center Directors at least quarterly and with the Mission Support Group Commander at least annually. The minutes of the parent advisory meetings are forwarded to the Mission Support Group Commander for review.

  • If you are interested in attending your center's parent advisory committee, please see your center's director for more information.

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  • 2451 N. O'Neal Ave. Bldg 1993
    Charleston, SC 29404

    Hours of Operation

    Mon − Fri  ....  6:30am − 7:10am; 12:30pm − 5pm

    School Breaks  ....  6:30am − 7pm

    Sat − Sun  ....  Closed

               **Closed Federal Holidays**

  • 788 Chapel Dr. Bldg 788
    Goose Creek, SC 29445

    Hours of Operation

    Monday − Friday  ....  6:30am − 7am    2:30pm − 5pm  

    School Breaks       ....  6:30am − 5pm

    Saturday − Sunday ..  Closed

                **Closed Federal Holidays**