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Military Personnel Flight

We are the Military Personnel Flight at Joint Base Charleston. Our mission is to provide quality personnel support. We handle everything from ID cards to base in-processing, assignments, re-enlistments, and retirements for all servicemen and their families. We are also the one-stop source for evaluations, promotions, testing, awards, and decorations, or other special actions. As the MPF, we also handle the distribution of CAC and other ID cards. To apply or update your card, please make an appointment online or by phone.

ID Cards

Phone Number: 843-963-4521


Phone Number: 843-963-4507


Phone Number: 843-963-8933

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Phone Number: 843-963-8057
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Phone Number: 843-963-3823
Phone Number: 843-963-8926
Phone Number: 843-963-8907
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Evaluations, Decorations & Duty Information

Phone Number: 843-963-4556
Phone Number: 843-963-4562
Phone Number: 843-963-4486
Phone Number: 843-963-4497
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Duty Information

Phone Number: 843-963-4497


Phone Number: 843-963-4550
Phone Number: 843-963-4508


Phone Number: 843-963-6454
Phone Number: 843-963-6456
Phone Number: 843-963-7307

ID Card FAQs

How soon can I get a new ID card?

Your military ID card must be within 30 days/1 month ofrom the date of expiration to be replaced.

What do I need to bring in order to be issued a military ID?

All military ID issuances require two valid, unexpired forms of identification to be presnted. Please see our download "List of Acceptable Documents" for a full list of valid ID forms.

My CAC is not expiring, but my rank/name has changed; should I get a new ID card?

Yes, if your name has changed, you'll need to bring your marriage certificate/divorce certificate/court order detailing name change, as well as your new Social Security CARD with your new name on it. Be advised, rank changes usually take 2-3 business days to process and reflect in the DEERS system.

I'm getting ready to deploy and my UDM is telling me I need to get a new ID card. Do I need to show proof of that?

Yes, we will need to see deployment orders or a printed notification letter stating you are deploying.

What about my dependent's military ID card?

Dependent ID cards will also be issued no earlier than 30 days from the date of expiration. They will need the sponsor to be present to sign a DD Form 1172-2. If they are over the age of 18, they will also need two forms of valid, unexpired IDs. Only if none of the information from the last/current ID card has changed, may you use an expired dependent ID card as a second form of ID.

When can my children get ID cards? How long are they entitled to be my dependent?

The minimum age of issuance is the age of 14. You will be your children's sponsor until the age of 21 years old. At this stage of their life, they need to meet one of two criteria: They must be a full-time student entrolled in school or enrolled in the TRICARE Young Adult program. This will only take care of them until the age of 23, after which your dependents will have to meet BOTH criteria. We have provided an example of the documentation you (as the sponsor) will have to provide to prove your dependents are indeed FT students. Please see the download from the National Student Clearinghouse "Enrollment Verification Certificate," which includes the student's name, anticipated graduation date, enrollment for the first ter, or initial date of enrollment, and Full Time Status.

I deploy frequently and my dependents' ID cards are getting ready to expire; how can I be present to sign the DD Form 1172-2 if I'm not here?

Sponsors are highly encouraged to leave a Power of Attorney in the hands of the caretaker of the children when deployed/tasked. Furthermore, some deployed locations will have DEERs offices, in which a sponsor may go in to, sign and upload a DD Form 1172-2.

I don't have full custody of my child, but they are still my dependent. Do I still wait until they are 14 to get an ID card?

No. If the dependent needs an ID card due to being in the custody of another individual, the dependent will need their own ID for medical appointments to access military installations. We will still need a DD Form 1172-2, which can be completed by going inside a DEERS office.

I'm retiring soon. What do I need to provide to receive my retirement ID card?

We will want you to provide your retirement orders, as well as two forms of valid, unexpired IDs. Be advised, when you retire from the system, your dependent's ID card will also be terminated. Plan accordingly.

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101 E Hill Blvd Bldg 503
Charleston, SC 294045

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